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Louisville needs more Kristins, and fewer roses


Flowers? Sure, that’s original. Chocolates? Way too cliche. Dinner out? Riiiight, ‘cause you don’t already do that every weekend anyway.

If you’re scrambling for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, or the gift you already bought really sucks, take a lesson from Zachary Charles Lee’s girlfriend, Kristin, who sounds like the type of girlfriend we’d all like to have.

Last night, after months of saying no to Louisville City FC season tickets, she casually asked, “Hey, do you still want those tickets?” Zachary — one of our dues-paying members for 2015 (you should be, too) — tells us he had no idea what she was talking about until she handed him an envelope with the LCFC Founding Member graphic tucked inside. Kristin wins at Valentine’s Day.

From his post on City’s Facebook page, it looks like Zachary was trying to sort out a last-minute payment plan for the Founding Member tickets until Kristin came through with two tickets and proved she was the best girlfriend in town.

Thanks, Kristin, for showing the rest of us that Louisville City tickets are the new dozen roses. Everyone else, be more like Kristin and go buy tickets for your sweetie today.

Kristin, if things don’t work out with Zach…