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USL PLAYOFFS Next Up: New York Red Bulls II

     I am going to keep this brief. We are traveling to the take on the team that has been the best offensive team this year (61 goals in 30 games). LCFC has scored only 3 goals in the post season while New York has smashed in 7. LCFC has also never beaten the baby bulls. Now that you know the facts lets dive into the keys to the game.

Baby Bulls:

The first key is to play solid defense. Their defense shutdown Orlando City B in the first game (no surprise), and was scored on 3 times by Rochester who isn’t known as an offensive team.  

The second key is to shut down Magnus Rasmussen and the rest of LCFC’s midfield. The Red Bulls II will need to press the attack from the midfield if they want to see themselves in the championship.

The final key will be Vincent Bezecourt and his ability to perform in big games. Bezecourt is great form with 4 goals and an assist in the last 5 games.  He will need to be able to attack the LCFC defense if they want to come away with a W.

Louisville City:

New York are a thorn in our side. They’re the only team in the USL LCFC hasn’t beaten, let alone tied. What better place to beat them than in the eastern conference finals?  

The first key for City is to press the attack. The Rhinos took the game to the Red Bulls last week, found themselves tied after 2 overtimes, and were unlucky not to steal a W. Louisville City has a stronger attack than the Rhinos so hopefully that will show a lot in this game.  Hoffman and the rest of the attack need to be relentless.

The second key will be to defend against a very in-form Bezecourt and the rest of the red bulls’ offense. Greg Ranjitsingh will need to have his best game of the year against the best team in the USL.  

The final key will be to have the midfield draw their defense out of position. Drum roll please……..those players would be Kadeem Dacres and Magnus Rasmussen. These twho have a knack of getting defenders out of positions or even out the plays completely. These 2 will need to be in great form as well.

Prediction: Unknown

Yes, unknown. If LCFC want to prove themselves then I say LCFC. If New York wants to not look like choke artists after barely making it here then I say red Bulls. Anyway my results are as follows: RedBulls:50.2.% Chance of winning at home LCFC 49.8% chance of stealing a W. Most of the 49.8 is going to be the ability to get goals and control the midfield for the whole game. We will just have to wait and see. I hope for LCFC to win it because more heartbreak just isn’t in the cards this week (I am out of Frosted Flakes so my week is not great). Anyway Come on you  Boys in Purple bring home the Eastern Conference Championship!