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The USL Kickabout: January 9, 2017

ICYMI, USL is a second division league in the US Soccer “pyramid” now! It’s more of a cut-up trapezoid with blank spaces between levels, but work with us. Here are our thoughts on the matter and what it means for Louisville City.

USL today announced the conference alignment for the 2017 league season. Now that all that divisional sanctioning mess is (temporarily) over with, the league is getting down to business. The basics of the announcement are that there will again be an Eastern and Western Conference, each with fifteen teams. The most fun part of the conference alignment shakeup is that St. Louis is back in the East, which means Louisville’s already got an easy six points in the bag. The 2017 season will feature 32 matches for each club over a 30 week season from March 24 – October 15. There will be 14 sets of home and home matches, plus extra games against regional rivals but not to exceed 3 games against any one opponent. That means we’ll play Cincinnati and St. Louis at least 3 times.

Other American soccer stuff:

  • Lower division US Soccer superstar Nipun Chopra says USL will have a team in San Diego by 2018. The SoCal locale has come a long way since it was discovered by the Germans in 1904.
  • FC Cincinnati Knifey Soccer Lion Kings signed some new guys recently, including former Sounders 2 product Andy Craven, who is supposed to replace Sean Reynolds’s favorite player, Sean Okoli.
  • I’m sure other stuff is going on, but that’s all I have time for right now. SEE YOU SOON.