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UK Cancels March 15 Friendly – UPDATED

Louisville City’s twitterer-in-chief just tweeted that the friendly next week against Kentucky was cancelled, and quickly followed up with an article. No explanation other than “scheduling issues” was proffered. Kentucky’s soccer website is more or less silent on the issue, though I’ve contacted their support staff for comment, and will update this article if they respond.

This is:

1) a Jurgen Klinsmann bummer, because I like Kentucky and Kentucky men’s soccer and wanted this friendly to happen, and

2) a problem for Louisville City because now the team has one less preseason match in their legs going into the USL season.

Daniel Karrell with the C-J tweeted about his confusion over the “scheduling issues” excuse, which I agree with. This match was going to be Kentucky’s first of its own preseason, and there isn’t anything else booked to happen at Bell Soccer Complex (that I’m aware of) next week. What’s the deal, asked Jerry Seinfeld?

I’m sure the team on 6th Street is frantically calling every college coach they know to figure out how to replace this game, but may I suggest Transylvania University on the other side of town? They have a pretty nice, if small, facility, even though it’s turf. It’s also, you know, in Lexington, so you can still play in front of some Central Kentuckians that would have come to the game on Alumni Drive. Just a thought!

UPDATE: I finally got in contact with UK’s Sports Information Director, Jake Most. When asked whether UK SID had any comment about why the friendly was cancelled, all he offered was “our schedules didn’t end up aligning.”

I don’t get it. This was announced months ago. The club announced the tilt on January 24; the match was on UK’s preseason schedule as early as January 18. It was already scheduled. What happened to disalign them? Yes, I just made up a word, tweet Merriam-Webster about it.

Someone pointed out that the match would take place in the middle of Kentucky’s spring break. If you knew that back in January (and you must have, since those things are scheduled out a year in advance), why the hell schedule it then? Anyway, still disappointing.