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Tim Dobrowolski signs as newest GK

Louisville City today answered a question we purple fans have been asking for days: who’s gonna replace Doctor Scotty when he leaves for the rigors of a dual degree program in English and business management medicine and engineering at Haaahvaaahhdd? The answer is former Loyola University keeper Tim Dobrowolski. Can’t wait to spell that all the time; Ranjitsingh is hard enough. He’s gonna be DoBro from now until further notice.

As Elsie’s twitter handler was excited to point out, DoBro was MVC keeper of the year for the Ramblers in 2015, with a 0.40 goals against average and saved more than 80% of the shots on goal he faced. That’s pretty good! We also know he’s from Rockford, Illinois, and not Rockford, Georgia, robbing me of the chance to make lots of A League of Their Own jokes. Do-Bro is now the most famous person ever from Rockford, other than maybe Fred Van Vleet.

That’s about all the autobiographical stuff I was able to recover. Let’s welcome DoBro to Louisville!