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The Power of Purple

A fluff piece from your uber-sensitive field reporter, Ty Smith #CityDads:

Purple is my favorite color. It puts me in a great mood. I think most of it is because Purple has passion and energy. Just does.

I never really knew the Power of Purple.

But, as luck would have it, in March 2013, I purchased a purple vehicle. I joked with the closing agent at Carmax that I had purchased a burgundy vehicle, or is it purple? She confirmed it was purple. It’s super, eggplant purple. Little did I know that Purple was my calling!

The very next year I would become part of what has been an inspiration to me ever since, and which bears the most powerful of colors: Louisville City FC!

Having played for the Transylvania (maroon) Pioneers in college and always loving the sport, this was my opportunity to become involved in what is truly a dream of mine – pro soccer in Kentucky.

Ever since, I’ve been Purple obsessed. Of course, as luck would have it, I already had the purple car, but I also have a purple blazer, many purple ties, purple socks, a purple Disney wristband for Spring Break, purple pants, a purple ipad case, etc. I’m the easiest guy in the family to buy for. If it’s Purple, I’m in.

Turns out, I’m not the only one. Throughout history, Purple has inspired many. It’s the rarest color occurring in nature! And it’s way too special to be part of the visible spectrum or Isaac Newton’s rainbow.

A brief (curated) history of Purple (courtesy of Wikipedia) is super interesting and makes me feel better about my obsession:

  • 15th Century BC: The Phoenicians first produced purple from sea snails. They loved it so much, they would sacrifice thousands of snails, harvest the shells, and create purple magic. Wow, they must have really loved Purple!
  • Roman Empire: Roman Senators and Emperors wore purple and the Generals wore purple and gold when honored for triumphs in battle. Duh!

The Rest of History: Purple has been associated with royalty (Looking at you King of the Louisville Heretics)

  • 1782: George Washington establishes the original Purple Heart, Badge of Military Merit. This one speaks for itself. Badass.
  • Early 1900s: Purple is one of the colors of the Women’s Suffrage movement. Very cool!
  • 1967: Jimmi Hendrix sings Purple Haze, a title representing a psychedelic state of mind for an entire generation.
  • 1984: Prince (perhaps Purple’s greatest ambassador) shows us the Power of Purple in his epic release, Purple Rain.
  • 2015: The Heretics begin showing us all the everyday items that are great because they “get it”, and by get it, they’re Purple! (My personal faves are the abandoned neck pillow and the dryer lint)

There’s a reason that Purple has moved so many, for so long. And thank gosh I’ve discovered it. It’s therapeutic.

If you need to brighten your day, you know what to do – Start wearing Purple!

When you combine the greatest of colors with the passion, community, energy, and excitement that is Pro Soccer in Louisville – you’ll never look back. You will experience a positivity and joy that is unmatched.

This is Louisville’s best chance for a Pro Sport, no doubt about it. Our fans prove it every week. And yes, the Power of Purple is unstoppable.

The best thing about Purple in the City right now: when you embrace it, you join the Purple Family! At the tailgate Saturday for St. Louis (which was nothing short of EPIC!) the Power of Purple was on full display. It’s bigger than soccer. Yes, the beautiful game brought us together. But the Purple Family is about way more than soccer. Charity, friendship, diversity, podcasts, beer, road trips, music, singing, mohawks, kilts, superheroes, food, kids, drummers, and of course, Kentucky bourbon. It doesn’t get any better than that.

We have the Purple power here in town and we need to nurture and grow it!

So, this is the Call To Arms Part Two:

Everyone, deep down – Feel the Power of Purple and bring it to Slugger every week!