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The Kickabout: Another Snow Day?

Editor’s Note: I decided to change the name of Last Week This Morning because, well, it’s too long. That’s pretty much the only reason. So now it’s the Kickabout. I think you’ll be okay with that.

If you’re like me and have school-age kids, snow days are the worst.

Sure, when you’re a kid, they’re awesome. No school! Sledding! Snowball fights! Snow men! Snow angels! Early-onset frostbite!

But when you’re older, snow days are a problem. Snow days mean you can’t go to work (not really) and that’s a problem because you have bills to pay and deadlines to meet and hours of Reddit threads to peruse. You can’t do that when your kid or kids are constantly asking you for hot chocolate or a new movie on Netflix or something to help them with that early-onset frostbite. Frankly, if you live in a place where snow days are a possibility, it should be a law that you have to own a four wheel drive, a snowmobile, or at least a Subaru. Those things can literally go anywhere. Snow days suck.

Know who doesn’t have to deal with the snow, though? Our friends, the players and coaching staff at Louisville City. They’ve been rubbing it in our faces all weekend how great it is in sunny, sandy Bradenton, Florida, where they’re getting ready to start two weeks of vacation training or something in advance of the coming season.

Send them your love, or your jealousy, whichever comes naturally to you.

Now, here’s what else has been happening in the USL since last week:

  • Player transactions. Most of them probably won’t ring a bell. Patrick Slogic re-signed with Charlotte Independence (he’s the jerk perfectly okay person that scored their goal in City’s first ever loss last year). Pittsburgh Riverhounds re-signed Mike Green Willie Hunt (or won’t he? I’ll be here all week!). Harrisburg signed a new GM, poor guy.
  • Friendlies. Sacramento lost to the Colorado Rapids, which genuinely surprised me because Colorado is absolutely terrible. Then again, the Republic have been losing players left and right all offseason, and it’s a friendly, so who knows if there are any real conclusions to be drawn there.
  • Trips to Florida. We already know Louisville City and FC Cincinnati are going to be at IMG, having food fights in the commissary and pulling dorm pranks on each other for two whole weeks. At least that’s what I’d be doing. Tulsa Roughnecks are going to Florida, too, though they weren’t particularly specific about where. I like to imagine it’s a trailer park somewhere near Ocala or something, which is still better than Tulsa. Or here, if you consider the weather.
  • MORE EXPANSION RUMORS. There hasn’t been one for like three weeks, so might as well fire up the expansion machine again, right? This time it’s NPSL side FC Buffalo looking to jump up a division or two. They haven’t actually stated a preference, though the amount of money you need to join USL or NASL is still different enough for that sort of thing to matter.

That’s it for this week. I’m frankly a little surprised a signing or two didn’t result from the trial/camp thing Louisville City ran last week, but contracts take time so maybe we’ll hear more about it in the week ahead. Have a good one.