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The Kickabout: Solo Cup Champions!

This week’s Kickabout will be short and sweet, but not to worry. Our USL Eastern Conference Previews start dropping tomorrow, and preseason matches start on SATURDAY. It’s gonna be a busy month leading up to the start of our second season, so buckle up!

  • Per the ever-diligent Chad Hollingsworth at Scratching the Pitch, FC Cincinnati is starting a radio partnership with ESPN’s Cincinnati affiliate. It might not seem like the brightest idea, as for the first season or two they’ll only be broadcasting home games, and most people (if any) would probably either be at the match or watching it on YouTube, but no one ever accused FCC of being MENSA scholars.
  • Reno, Nevada is getting a USL team in 2017, and now they have a name: Reno 1868 FC.
  • Ugh, more FC Cincinnati stuff. They won some tournament in Florida, and they’re pretty geeked over it.
  • Swope Park Rangers won the Desert Diamond Cup in Arizona over the weekend, so it’s fair to expect they’re going to own their new rivalry with St. Louis FC very soon.

Lots of other USL teams are winning their preseason games too, so you’re not that important, FCC. Have a good week, everybody!