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STATCAP: That was much better

Long time followers of this site know that I’m a sucker for statistics. Now that the USL has partnered with Opta, I have actual numbers and charts I can look at to dissect the game, rather than just rely on my eyes, which get blurrier as the game goes on. Opta/USL unfortunately won’t let me copypasta their data into this page. Let’s have a look at the numbers against last night’s opponent, Orlando City B:

Another game, another 4-2-3-1 from James O’Connor. The average position map actually shows Brian Ownby higher up the field than Cam Lancaster was, though Luke Spencer managed to rectify that situation once he came on in the 28th minute. I actually think that the substitution and the switch for Davis to left midfield and Ownby to the #10 spot really helped to open things up for City after Cam’s opening screamer.

Louisville City took advantage of the wide field at Orlando City Stadium last night but actually played through the middle of Orlando’s 4-4-2 for most of the night to good effect. DelPiccolo and Williams partnered pretty well and controlled the midfield, while City’s attackers were in dangerous spots all night. City had 22 touches in Orlando’s 18 yard box, seven of those belonging to Luke Spencer. Dude’s a little unlucky he only scored once.

After last game I commented that Louisville City needed to improve its passing numbers, and improve they did. City attempted 528 passes in the game and completed 81% of them, up from 67% against St. Louis. The Good Purple was also 70% on passing in OCB’s half, which is also a vast improvement. Shooting was also much improved. Louisville had 17 shots, eleven coming inside the box and eight shots on target. 3 goals from 8 shots on goal is a fantastic conversion rate.

I was tough on Paolo after last game, but he was much improved last night. 81% passing, 74% in OCB’s half, and some improvement on duels. PdP also had a pretty good defensive game, with 2 tackles and 5 interceptions. Speedy Williams was even better, going 87% on passing and 83% in OCB’s half. Both center mids did a pretty good job staying home and didn’t get particularly high up the field for the most part.

Ownby and Davis both had really good games, too. Richard Ballard was again industrious, but didn’t have the same impact on the game as he did against St. Louis. I think it was a good decision to replace him with Niall McCabe, just in terms of managing minutes. Going from college to the pro game is a big transition.

With respect to the subs, Niall’s passing wasn’t great, but he created a great assist on Luke Spencer’s goal. Guy Abend had a really nice appearance, completing over 90% of his passes in Orlando’s half in the 20 minutes he was on the field.

Finally, defense. Tarek Morad was obviously upset with himself for giving up that goal, but for the second game running he and Oscar Jimenez nearly connected for a score off a corner kick. Morad had a great game passing, and Totsch did a great job in defense, leading the team in tackles. Oscar again did his job and created four chances of his own, two off of corner kicks.

This was a really good performance from Louisville City. It could have only been improved by a clean sheet, and that’s probably asking a little too much. Looking forward to the next game against Richmond, who should be a sterner test of City’s defense.