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STATCAP Harrisburg City Islanders: Chances abound

Any time you put in five goals against an opponent and give up zero, you hardly need to look at the stat sheet to find out more information about the match. That said, the obvious numbers underneath the goals scored tally are shots (19-3), shots on target (7-0), and shots inside the box (14-3). This is also a match where Louisville City attempted more passes than any match previously played at Slugger Field this season, 521. That’s a lot.

City didn’t hold as large an edge in possession as you might think, but when Harrisburg did get the ball, it rarely ever made it within twenty yards of Greg Ranjitsingh’s goal. Greg didn’t have to make a save all night. That’s a testament to a) a shored-up defense and b) Harrisburg’s toothless attack. Look how deep their forwards’ average position was on the night:

Barely past the center circle.

Also, this map sort of tells us about how LouCity will be handling Kyle Smith’s three game suspension. Going into the match, I wondered whether O’Connor would get away from three at the back and play Oscar and Tarek Morad as fullbacks. Then I saw Sean Totsch starting, I thought he was the one who would be playing right back. That made some sense to me, since he likes to get forward and send in diagonal crosses from about 30 yards out or so. But this map indicates that Totsch played deeper than I thought, with Paolo and Speedy in defensive midfield, and literally five attackers on top making this an absurd 3-2-5 – almost the ancient Pyramid formation.

A lot of the forward numbers had to do with Harrisburg’s general ineptitude in this match. Oscar could bomb forward with impunity, Ilja terrorized Islander keeper Brandon Miller, and Kaye generally wreaked havoc on the right wing with Cuatro popping up all over the place. Also, take a look at the chances created line on this set of attacking stats for the forward five:

FIFTEEN CHANCES CREATED. ALMOST HALF BY OSCAR. That’s just ridiculous. If he was a jerk, and I’m pretty sure he’s totally not, he’d probably love all the crow I’ve been eating over questioning why he was ever signed back in February or whenever that was.

Everyone passed the ball well on the night, though Speedy was exceptional. Paolo did all the right things, Reynolds held their massive forward in check all match, and Tarek Morad did a great job destroying dudes in 1v1s. I’m sure he loved that.

All in all, a very sound performance from what is admittedly a makeshift lineup against a team that beat City pretty handily several weeks ago. One more game this week, then a little bit of rest. Let’s go.