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Rochester Rhinos 2-0 Louisville City: Not Great

Louisville City FC lost its first match since Derby Day last night against Rochester. It wasn’t a great game for Team Purple, as they were unable to control the game or the ball for long stretches, and were twice punished for defensive lapses by Kenardo Forbes and Steevan “Duba” dos Santos. In the end, Rochester proved what we already knew, that they’re the best team in the conference, and probably the league. You can’t make errors against a team like that and expect a result.

It’s not all bad, though. Statistically, Louisville City did some good things right, with eleven shots (same as the Rhinos), five of which were on target. I wish USL kept passing statistics, though, because those probably would be less than flattering. Finishing the match Stoke City style trying to lump the ball forward to Fondy or Rivera just showed that LouC ran out of ideas toward the end of the game, which is too bad. Onward and upward, though: USOC vs. Chicago is coming on Wednesday!

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  1. Tom Jay

    Rochester looked tough, we play em 4 x were lucky if we win one, but they have been a franchise for over 30 yrs, so lets keep swingin the bat and beat Chicago on Tuesday, GO COOPS