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Obviously, this week’s opponent is the Richmond “F-ing” Kickers. You’ll recall that in our last encounter, Kickers midfielder-nee-Cobra Kai trainee Mike Callahan ended Guy Abend’s season on a horrible tackle for which he wasn’t even whistled for a foul. What’s more infuriating is he was actually already on a yellow card, having been shown one just seven minutes before incinerating Abend’s knee. So we don’t particularly care for Richmond, which is an English way of saying they’re the WORST.

To get things rolling this week then, here are some facts about Richmond and their petulant little soccer team that you might not know:

  • Birmingham’s Legion Field thinks City Stadium could probably use some updates.
  • Richmond is home to lots of statues of Confederate generals, which I guess isn’t surprising (#FreeBree!). It’s also home to this statute of tennis Hall of Famer Arthur Ashe, who looks like he’s getting ready to pound some kids into the statue’s column with a tennis racquet and some books:
  • Two of the top five posts on their subreddit, /r/RVA, have to do with a slave auction and trash laying around in the Carytown neighborhood.
  • There are at least two blogs dedicated to telling people about why Richmond sucks.
  • The Ku Klux Klan had their phone number listed in the Richmond phone book within the last ten years.
  • Richmond is the capitol of Virginia, a state that has passed laws that allow citizens to purchase more than one handgun per month, recognizes April as Confederate History Month, has made it expressly legal to bring a gun to a bar, and whose attorney general tried to prosecute a University of Virginia professor based on a paper he wrote about climate change.

Got some of your own #RichmondFacts? Let us know about them on Twitter and Facebook. I’m sure you’ll come up with something.