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March To The Match: New York Red Bulls II

WHO: New York Red Bulls II, or Redbull New York II, depending on your preference. 4W-5L-4D, 16 points, 1.23 points per match, 6th place Eastern Conference

WHAT: A USL match, the first between the two first year clubs.

WHEN: Saturday, June 20, 2015, 7:30 p.m. EDT maybe, or maybe Sunday afternoon. Apparently this depends on Tropical Storm Bill?

WHERE: Louisville Slugger Field

WATCH: BRAVE THE ELEMENTS! PUT ON YOUR GORDON’S FISH STICKS WEATHER GEAR AND JOIN US AT THE GAME!! Barring that, you can find the YouTube broadcast by following this link. Looks like the club turned off the embed feature on their YouTube live streams, which is kind of a bummer, but whatever.

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WHO, AGAIN? New York Red Bulls II, first year USL team wholly owned and operated by New York Red Bulls, which is wholly owned and operated by Redbull, which also owns and operates similarly-named clubs in Austria, Germany, Brazil, and Ghana, believe it or not. The more you know!

This particular version of energy drink advertisement has, without doing much (read: any) fact checking, the longest roster in the Eastern Conference. Which means Louisville City has virtually no idea which players the Baby Bulls will bring to town on Saturday. One thing we do know is that it probably won’t be the senior team’s bench, which has happened before, because the big club has a game against the Whitecaps that same day.

The Rouge Calves have done a good job of spreading minutes around, which behooves (cow joke) them as their job is to develop players for their MLS team. That said, a few guys have been getting more time than most. Manolo Sanches, Leo Stoltz, Shawn McLaws, and Mike DaFonte all have at least 850 minutes for New York. Etienne Derrick has started 12 of 13 games for the team, but hasn’t broken the 800 minute mark somehow. Santiago Castano will likely be in goal, as he’s played in nine games so far.  He’s given up 17 goals, but hey, nine games!

As far as scoring, RBNY2’s leading goal scorer is Anatole Abang, who’s scored four goals in five matches. Etienne Derrick leads the team in assists with three.


Louisville City Sugar Free Red Bulls
Goals For 20 18
Goals Against 10 20
Shots Bourbon Something you probably can’t afford
TSR 0.588 0.480
Points per Game 1.67 1.23

ACTUAL MARCH TO THE MATCH: Join us on Washington Street for the March to the Match a half hour before the game kicks off! Prior to that, we’ll be at Against the Grain Brewery, Patrick O’Shea’s, and the Troll Pub drinking things that taste good. Be a part of it!