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Next Up: New York Red Bulls II

The Purple Army’s next game is on the road against the Baby Bulls. Louisville City has never beaten NY 2, and, in fact, haven’t even drawn them. I honestly don’t even want to preview this game because the pressure is mounting on LCFC. I normally watch a game or two to prepare for these previews, but I really wanted to show that New York could be beat so be prepared for a more in depth preview than normal.


The first key is obvious: use the 2 game advantage to put pressure on LCFC to step up. Since May 1, New York have only gotten better while LCFC has had a run of bad form.  The Baby Bulls know that they can beat us and get home field advantage in the playoffs.

New York’s second key is to continue doing what they’ve done all season. This team is better than Louisville City, to be honest. There really is not anything they need to improve on as they seem to be solid all around. Frankly, being patient and waiting for a Louisville City mistake may be their best game plan. The only improvement I can see that they could make is continuing to play strong, hard-nosed defense after picking up yellow cards or warnings from the official. 


Where to start? If we do not win, we do not get the USL title. Our run of form has opened the door for the Baby Bulls, FCC, and even the Richmond Kickers to catch us in the standings. Lately, LCFC is playing like the worst team in the USL.

The keys to the game are control the midfield, sweet goodness, control the midfield! James O’Connor is searching for someone to control that midfield the way Juan Guzman did last season. Aodhan Quinn and Guy Abend are capable.

The second key to the game is taking more chances in the final third. It drove me bonkers how many times we had a chance to take a shot from the 18 and passed it off. Shoot the damn ball! We have to be a bit more selfish. If you have space and see a glimpse of the goal, take a shot.

The last key is to go at the defenders that commit fouls often, they have several, go at them get them card then continue to attack till they are forced to make a mistake costing them a second yellow. Here’s what I mean: New York Red Bulls II are solid all around. I looked hard for some weakness in them. I watched their two most recent games and found little to nothing. In those two games, they scored ten goals and conceded just one.

When I looked at the games they lost this season, though, I found something. It is minor, but when the Red Bulls II defenders get yellow cards or warnings, they become more than extra cautious and let men by them with just enough effort to give the opponent some trouble. Normally that doesn’t mean a lot, but they gave up several free kicks in dangerous areas during these matches. Again, this is a minor hole, but it’s hard to find a hole in them.

(Side note: Can we not chant attack attack attack ever again. That is what teams do when they have had a crappy season scoring which we have not had! We have had a great scoring season just had a run of bad form. Thank you that is all. Chant I believe that we will win instead!)


Prediction: 1-0 Baby Bulls

That’s Right LCFC Prove me wrong! Prove to all of us that we aren’t the Arsenal of the USL, always finishing near the top but never winning. Nothing would say Louisville is a soccer city quite like a USL championship. I don’t see us winning this game away. The Red Bulls II have been the best team all year and are coming into this game scoring 10 goals to 1.

Come on you boys in Purple!