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Next Up: FC Montreal

This week the boys travel up to the land of Maple Syrup and non-American bacon to visit FC Montreal. The French Canadians (Canadiens?) are a very inconsistent team. A 7 game losing streak ended and they’re now on a 5 game undefeated streak. Louisville City will need to focus on the playoffs and how to beat each team they encounter. 

FC Montreal:

Montreal obviously wants to continue this run of form they have had of late. They scored 3 or more goals in 4 of their last 5 matches. FC Montreal looks like a weak team at the bottom of the table, but they have beaten Charleston Battery and Toronto FC II [Ed. Note: who hasn’t?] to name a few. This team has the talent to play with any of the bigger teams. Interestingly, though, there is really no standout player on this roster. Many players have multiple goals under their belt.

The second key is keep the Manchester United “Fergie Time” Game winners coming. Every late goal in 4 of the 5 games came in the last 10 minutes of the game. FC Montreal don’t back down from a challenge. They either find themselves a goal down or a goal up as the clock nears 90, and manage close out the game with a W in the last 10 minutes of the game.

The final key will be to control the midfield. If they manage that, there is no doubt they can put another hurt on LCFC as they try to close out the season on a high note.

Louisville City:

As we all know, Louisville City had great form running into the latter half of the season. Then, one loss to Cincy put LCFC on a road down hill. They have since recovered and have had a run of quality performances. These last few games will need to be major wins if we are to send a message to the USL that Purple is still a powerhouse.

The first key for Louisville City is to get quality shots on goal. The last few games, City goals have been either off set pieces or rebounds. City need to get back to the high octane offense they had in 2015 and the first half of the 2016 season.  

The second key is control the midfield. Louisville have had moments of control but the play seems to break down in the midfield. We need to be in control the game from there at all times.

The final key is to limit Montreal’s counter attacks. All season long, opponents have had opportunities to capitalize on turnovers and breaks, to varying degrees of success. City have to limit those opportunities in the future if we want to win the championship. 

Prediction: 2 2

I think LCFC will go up early 1-2 and try to hold it. Maybe we win, but with as often as Ive seen these late winners lately, FCM is one of the best at doing it in extra time or closing minutes. We will just have to see what teams really come out swinging. Personally I hope for a blowout but that never happens. Purple Army rise to the occasion!!!