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New Player Alert! Ben Newnam

New roster additions are coming in hot and heavy this month at Louisville City FC. Our newest is (FINALLY) a defender, 24 year old Ben Newnam. Many who watch MLS would say MLS Defender is an oxymoron, but don’t listen to those people, they’re just h8ers!

Newnam has been around the USL for a while, having spent 2013-14 with the Charlotte Eagles before signing an MLS contract with the Colorado Rapids last spring. He only played one game (a start and full 90, mind you) with the Rapids before being sent to their USL affiliate, the Independence. I wouldn’t take anything Colorado does as a referendum on Ben’s ability, as that team seems to be actively getting rid of all of its good players, e.g. sending their starting keeper to the Fire for no reason last week.

Newnam played about half a season in Charlotte. He was released midseason for some reason, maybe got confused about where the game was one day, and then picked up again by the Riverhounds. Frankly, there’s not a lot of numerical data I can find to tell me whether he’s a good player or not, but In O’Connor We Trust, I guess. As far as I know, Opta stats on USL players aren’t available to the public, unfortch.

What Newnam does do for us is fill a position of very little depth, and that’s defense. He’s not a very big guy, at 5’10” 165# per Colorado’s roster page last season, so we probably won’t see him at centerback. Newnam has, unsurprisingly, played some midfield, so he may end up being more of a utility player at fullback or defensive midfield, depending on the situation. Either way, he appears by all accounts to be a solid player and those don’t go unnoticed around here.

Everybody welcome Ben Newman Newnam to Louisville!