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I’m a few hours late on this, but I have a real job just like you. SORRY.

Anyway, Louisville City announced today its second new player signing for the 2017 season, defender/winger/attacker/omnibus clause Sean Russell. Russell comes to Elsie from Limerick FC in Martin French’s storied League of Ireland.

Russell is, first and foremost, left footed. Yay! He also prides himself on passing and set pieces, so it’s conceivable that he may replace the surely not-returning Aodhan Quinn at the midfield pivot.

However, I think it’s quite a bit more likely that James O’Connor uses him as an attacking left fullback. Think Brian Burke but on the other side of the field. Kyle Smith probably owns the right back spot, but after great success early in the season, his assist rate declined. Russell might be able to fill that void from the back on the left, making it so Smith can stay at home in a makeshift three man back line when City is attacking.

This now begs the question of what to do with Tarek Morad if he doesn’t play left back. Does he start playing in defensive midfield? Does he start rotating starts at centerback with Sean Reynolds and Paco Craig? What is his favorite flavor of ice cream? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Either way, Russell is an exciting signing that could serve to fill a void on the left side of the field for Louisville. Welcome him to town!