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So continues my tradition of using the worst picture Google can produce to announce player news:

Louisville City announced this morning that the club has signed defender Pat McMahon for the 2018 season! McMahon at the very least adds some needed depth to City’s back line, as well as some great experience and a partnership with Sean Totsch as part of that legendary 2015 Rochester Rhinos team.

McMahon played college soccer at UIC, and then had what looks like a three-year hiatus from the game before playing semi-pro ball in Australia and spending a season in Sweden before joining the Rhinos for two seasons and 50 appearances.

This is a solid signing, in my opinion. McMahon played just 90 minutes in 2017 for FC Cincinnati, which I think is a little curious in light of how bad their defense was. Then again, FCC hasn’t exactly been well known for its player personnel decisions, see, e.g., Spencer, Luke. He’s also 31, which makes him the oldest player on the squad. McMahon was usually used as a fullback for Cincinnati and Rochester, but I have a feeling O’Connor might see him as more of a central defender rather than a wide player for the Violablancos.

James O’Connor values pace, athleticism, and skill with the ball in his defenders, especially in the 3-4-3 setup. I don’t think he’d sign someone who didn’t check those boxes. I’m very interested to see how McMahon fits in with the squad in the spring. He’s already got the best hair/beard combo on the team, so on those grounds alone, I love him and want him to be my friend.

Everyone welcome Pat McMahon to Louisville City!