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NEW PLAYER ALERT: Oscar Jimenez!

Louisville City just announced their most recent player signing, Oscar Jimenez! I know less than zero about him! Wikipedia intimates that he did not exist in 2016! I ALSO (ALMOST) WISH I 2016 DID NOT EXIST!

Oscar is 27 years old and hails from Mount Vernon, Washington. He played college ball at Western Washington, which I just learned is a school, and has previously played for Seattle Sounders’ U-23 team (weird since he was over 23) and Tulsa Roughnecks. He was most recently with a PDL team called Mississippi Brilla.

The club touts him as an attacking midfielder. I’m not certain that’s what we need. At the moment, we have one guy who plays fullback for sure in Kyle Smith, and four center backs in Tarek Morad, Sean Reynolds, Paco Craig, and Sean Totsch. Sure, Sean Russell will probably play left back, but we can’t be too sure about that, can we? Also, I know Tarek Morad can play about six positions in a pinch, but what if either he or Kyle Smith are injured or suspended early in the season? There is literally no defensive safety net, with Sean Reynolds suspended already, and Paco Craig out for at least one game.

Back to Oscar. I’m going to need to be convinced. Tulsa have been terrible since their inception. I don’t know what circumstances led to him not joining them for 2016, but dropping to a PDL squad that played all of maybe 16 games in an entire season doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. That said, he may be another one of James O’Connor’s Swiss army knife players that can fill in just about anywhere but striker and center back. Let’s hope he has some defensive chops, because I get the feeling we’ll need him at fullback.

James O’Connor doesn’t miss a whole lot with his signings, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he knows something I don’t. He probably knows a lot of things that I don’t, which is why his job is managing Louisville City and mine is being snarky on the internet. Let’s wish Oscar the best and welcome him to Louisville City!