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NEW PLAYER ALERT: Micah Bledsoe!

Louisville City announced this morning that the club has finally signed a third keeper, former Lipscomb Bison Micah Bledsoe. I honestly don’t know if he played in goal for the Bisons during our preseason friendly, but let’s pretend he did, and that he was the sole reason Louisville City didn’t win that game.

James O’Connor has probably filled out the roster at this point. It is interesting to note that four of City’s newer signees have come straight from the college ranks, including Kyle Smith, Richard Ballard, Tim Dobrowolski, and now Bledsoe. So far he’s done well scouting college kids, and let’s hope that continues into the future.

What do we know about the new guy? Not a lot! He’s originally from Indianapolis, played high school ball in Cincinnati, and went to college in Nashville. That’s as round-about a way of getting to Louisville as I know. Bledsoe was a good player at Lipscomb, saving 41 shots and giving up 15 goals with five clean sheets in 13 appearances (12 starts) in 2016. Thabane Sutu has done a great job with Louisville City’s keepers to date, and I have no doubt he’ll help the new guy improve, too. Let’s welcome to Micah Bledsoe to Louisville!