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New Player Alert! Mark-Anthony Kaye

Let’s leave aside the fear and sadness that accompanies rumors of Matt Fondy’s demise transfer to Jacksonville. Wash yourselves anew in a new signing!

Louisville City announced this morning that the club has signed Canadian midfielder (Eh? Eh!) Mark-Anthony Kaye. Surely he’ll be the greatest Mark-Anthony since the one that got with Cleopatra and tried to fight a war against Caesar Augustus. Way better than that singer that married J-Lo in her prime. He was good in Man on Fire, though. Lesson: don’t get married when your name is Mark/Marc Anthony/Antony.

Anyway, back to the new guy. Kaye came up through the Canadian development system and did a couple stints with Toronto FC’s academy and TFC II with a stay at Wilmington Hammerheads mixed in. Last season with Tworonto, he made 22 appearances with 19 starts, and was second on the  team in minutes played. The midfielder didn’t score any goals, and only took twelve shots all season. While he’s already 22, Kaye is not yet a finished product. A quick look at City’s roster reveals a lot of attacking midfield talent, but Kaye isn’t necessarily expected to produce right away. This is one of City’s first signings that doesn’t address an immediate need (like fullback) but is more of a project.“He has a lot of potential and we just need to be a little patient with him and help develop his talent. He has good size and pace and is a threat going forward,” said James O’Connor in the club’s press release.

I haven’t taken the time, nor do I have the inclination, to review game film for Kaye so I can’t necessarily say what the kid’s role for Toronto or Wilmington was, but maybe it’s as more of a deep-lying midfielder? Some depth at that position would be good so Juan Guzman’s legs don’t come flying off this season. Regardless, let’s all welcome Mr. Kaye to Louisville City, and give Chad Hollinger a pat on the back for being a soothsayer. But beware the Ides of March, Chad.