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Looks like our sources were a) fans of awful chili, and b) right! Louisville City announced just moments ago that former Knifey Soccer Lion Kings forward Luke Spencer will be joining Team Purple for 2017. Terms of the deal, including salary and term of length, were totally disclosed! Just kidding, no, they weren’t.

We won’t rehash our review of the guy other than to say he’s got a lot of potential and may play a role we haven’t truly seen at Slugger Field before – a bruising, physical presence on the forward line. You can follow him on his mostly neglected Twitter account here, and see him live and in person at games starting soon!

Spencer’s signing brings the roster to 19 players, and we’re expecting two more soon, likely to be signed before the team heads to Bradenton, Florida for preseason camp. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE WHEN WE HEAR IT!