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New Player Alert! Andrew Lubahn

We’ve got a new player! His name is Andrew Lubahn! Lubahn sounds German to me so when I tried to figure out what it meant, I went to the best source I knew of, Google. Google didn’t know what it meant, either, but says it kind of means love, and “bahn” means train, so really his name is Andrew LOVETRAIN. That’s a name any of us can get behind.

Andrew was a college teammate of new signee Ben Newnam at Wake Forest, so he’s probably pretty smart. He played for Harrisburg City Islanders last season and made nine appearances (including seven starts), scoring a goal and three assists in the process. Louisville City’s press release identifies Lubahn as a winger, which is interesting given that we’ve not really seen the Royals employ players that quite fit that mold before. It’s also eminently possible that O’Connor sees him as a fullback, which is a spot where City still could use some depth. JO’C might be Irish but this roster is setting up to be in the Total Football mode, which sounds like fun unless you’re a player in which case man that’s a lot of running.

Lubahn was invited to the 2014 MLS combine, and though he didn’t manage to get drafted or a contract out of the deal, scouts were warm on him:

“Excellent work rate. Works as a good second striker…. Poacher. Great team player. Great runs off the ball. Has been suffering from a hamstring injury suffered last summer. Tremendous potential. Works hard on defense. Gets in the right spots to get shots off. Needs to improve first touch, layoffs. Passing could improve. Has to get healthy.”

There’s not that much else out there on Lovetrain in terms of scouting data, but such is the nature of the USL sometimes.

Anyway, he’s a youngish guy, can play at this level, and our manager believes in him, so that’s just about all we need to know. Welcome Andrew LOVETRAIN to Louisville!