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Name The Cup Something Else

As I mentioned in yesterday’s LWTM, Louisville City and FC Cincinnati (but mostly Louisville City) have taken it upon themselves to name the rivalry between the two teams. And as I mentioned yesterday, this sort of thing is usually the province of the fans, not the clubs that play in the games. See, e.g. the Cascadia Cup and the resultant legal machinations between fans, clubs and league. Not deterred by that precedent, Louisville City’s newly millenial-focused social media maven has been reminding us on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and probably Periscope that we need to vote on their site to #NameTheCup. Here’s what they came up with:

  • Steamboat Cup
  • River Cities Cup
  • Royal Cup
  • 100 Mile Cup
  • Riverboat Rivalry Cup

Thud. Our friends on /r/LouisvilleCityFC prefer “None of the Above Cup.” I’m inclined to agree.

Steamboat Cup? It’s not like we’re the only cities with steamboats, and those things stopped being useful about 100 years ago. Pass.

River Cities Cup? There are lots of cities on rivers. New Albany, for example. Gonna need to be more specific.

Royal Cup? I mean, okay. It’s a little generic, ripe for FC Cincinnati to slap a sponsor on it. “Glier’s Goetta Royal Cup” is coming soon! Plus, we already have the Kings’ Cup. How about a little variety?

100 Mile Cup? Meh.

Riverboat Rivalry Cup? See “Steamboat Cup” above.

Come on, Louisville City, we can do better. I like what we came up with before:

  • Trevor
  • El Plastico
  • Chili vs. Bourbon Not Even Close Cup
  • Barrel of Screws
  • Barrel of Plastic
  • Neil
  • Dirty River Derby
  • At Least We Don’t Live in Indiana Cup
  • Please Notice Us Don Garber Cup

Unfortunately, Louisville City isn’t taking write-in candidates so none of our way more awesome ideas are gonna get picked. Oh well.