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Morning Links 8.2.17

It’s Wednesday, which means we probably recorded a podcast last night. Check our Podcasts page or your RSS thingy to listen to us babble.

  • Take this with a whole shaker of salt, but the Oklahoman says the presence of MLS2 clubs in USL will be a “hot-button” issue in USL’s summer owners’ meeting this week.
  • Aside: “hot-button” is a weird term. Do buttons get hot? If they do, is there any good reason to push them? What happens if you DO push them? Does something bad happen? Are we talking like clothes buttons or like garage door opener buttons? Is it too hard to say “sensitive” or “thorny” or “important”? This is the stuff that keeps me up at night sometimes.
  • Paco made the USL Team of the Week! Luke Spencer made the bench, which is also pretty good. Both also made ICS’s TotW as well, and Oscar and Paolo were honorable mentions.
  • I generally prefer to act as though FC Cincinnati doesn’t exist unless we’re playing them, but their US Open Cup semifinal against Miami FC is tonight, in case you’re interested.
  • LouCity hired a shrink. That’s probably disrespectful, and I’m sorry.