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Morning Links 8.1.17

Pour out some coffee for Anthony Scaramucci and his tenure as White House Director of Communications this morning. Cartons of milk have stayed fresh longer than the Mooch’s star-crossed government career. Le sigh!

  • Power rankings are dumb unless Louisville City is near the top, then they’re the best!
  • Many people agree with me that GPS trackers on players add some useful data to inform the coaching staff’s decisions. It’s also a great way to spy on them after practice!
  • Cornelius Gooslebury has an amazing name, and a very nice chart about passing stats. If you’re wondering where Elsie is on this list, only two guys qualify for the >800 number: Paolo DelPiccolo and Kyle Smith. Paolo’s a 79.2% passer with 812 passes, and averages 51 passes per game. Kyle has 806 passes for 73.9%, 47.4 passes per game.
  • This week on “Where in the World is Freddy Adu Playing Soccer?“, Freddy forces his way onto a training ground despite the club manager’s protests.