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Metro Council approves Butchertown stadium development deal

Late last night, Louisville Metro Council approved a series of ordinances that allow Louisville City and other associated entities to develop approximately 40 acres of land in Butchertown for a soccer stadium for Louisville City FC and other business, possibly including one or more hotels, residential property, and commercial office space. The Council vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the project (20 yeas, 4 nays). The approval vote marked the culmination of years of work put in by club owners, staff, and supporters to create a permanent home for LCFC. Read all about the particulars via Danielle Lerner at the C-J here; sorry for the C-J advertisement explosion, but print media blahblahblah.

On a personal note, this is enormously satisfying. Four years ago, when the Coopers were just getting off the ground, I barely imagined that something like this was possible so soon. There remains some work to do to get this development project over the line. However, this hurdle was probably the most important.

Thanks belong to loooooooots of people, but I personally want to thank J.C. Cissell, Martin French, John McCulloch, Jon Fish, Tim Clark, Augustus Waiters, Ken Luther, Rebecca Tamas, Alex Miner, Jordan Green, Chris Rambicure, Chris Owen, Shana Farmer, Jan Winter, Brian Davis, Michael “Scouse” Bromilow, Steve Peake, Jonathan Lintner, Dalton Main, Maple Needler, and of course Tom Farmer for all that they’ve done along the way to get the Coopers and Louisville City to this point. This day never would have come without any of those folks, along with a very long list of others that I apologize for omitting right now. I couldn’t be more proud and grateful to all of you. This is awesome.

Now let’s get to work.