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Match Preview: Wilmington Hammerheads

It may not be Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, but it sure is here in Louisville. The boys are back home this week after what seems like a life time away. There is a lot more at stake than many may see on the surface of this weekend’s game. The red hot Red Bulls II are starting to look like they catch City, as they have played one less game than us and are only 3 points behind. Having beaten LCFC in the home opener, I expect Red Bulls are getting tired of seeing us on top when we also have a game in hand on them. They have been getting the same results LCFC have.
So what does all this mean? It means the men in purple are going to have to continue great form all season long if

they want to stay on top. If Elsie want to win the league, we need to get past Wilmington, who are currently 8th after OCB’s loss last week. They have a record of 4-4-3, while LCFC boasts a 10 game unbeaten streak.

Keys to the game:

Wilmington Hammerheads:

For Wilmington, it will first be to find some form of solid defense for the majority of the game. They have been scored on 11 times (one less than LCFC). However, from what I have seen, their main key will be consistent offense. What I managed to glean from games I briefly watched in fast forward was the offense has plenty of shots but none that test the goalkeeper, with many going well high or wide of the goal. They have shot 93 times with 35 on target and only 13 goals. That is not very impressive considering they have a former Celtic and Manchester United player on their roster in Liam Miller.
However, as I said in my preview, I expected Wilmington to be much the same as last year and so far that is proven true. The
Hammerheads still lack a consistent performer. Most teams have bad games with a few starlets shining, but when you watch Wilmington there is only 1 standout player. Bruno Caldini Perone has 4 goals on 5 shots on target. He has also played the most minutes of any other player on their roster. He is composed on the ball and takes only what he can hit. Look for Perone to play a
strong role in the Hammerheads attack.


City is still going hot on its 10 game unbeaten streak, and will look to make it eleven this Saturday at home. LCFC will have to continue to have great offense and defense as well as consistency all around. Wilmington may have finished near the bottom of the table last season but they went out and bought a lot of young talent in the offseason. This young talent so far has been good to them.
LCFC keys are to press the attack and stay focused. With LCFC being eliminated from the US Open Cup the only trophies we
will compete for besides rival trophies are the USL conference, league, and postseason titles. I don’t know about you but Louisville City FC USL Regular Season Title and Champions of the USL 2016 has a great ring to it.


Louisville City 2-0 Wilmington. This game is hard to say what they score will be. I hope we blow them out but that is unlikely. I
expect Greg and the defense to go back to the shutout streak, because nothing says LCFC like winning more player awards *cough cough Golden Glove cough* sorry been fighting a cold. Expect this game to be a defensive one with the majority of possession to be under Purple control. Let’s go, City!