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Match Preview: Toronto FC II

Check out our preseason preview of Toronto FC II here.

Tomorrow night’s opponent is Toronto FC II: the Torontoing. Taylor Hamblin is usually more more analytical in his previews, while my schtick is being dismissive and derisive of the other team, but I’ll try to keep all that in check for this one.

Toronto 2 has one win in its first five games to go with two draws and two losses, keeping them third from bottom in the Eastern Conference table. That lone win came against even worser FC Montreal, and since then they’ve drawn and lost at home to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, and lost on the road at Richmond. Not an inspiring season so far for the Little Reds.

One bright spot, though, has been the play of Raheem Edwards, who has four goals in his five starts. Another seems to be that in five matches, TFCII has managed to get minutes for 25 players.

I’ll admit I haven’t seen more than like five minutes of any Tworonto game yet this year, so I don’t know much about their playing style or tendencies. What I do know is they give up more goals than the other team more often than not, which is good for Louisville City. I also know that if they’re going to be successful tomorrow night, they’ll need to get the ball to the feet of Raheem Edwards, whose proven to be their only consistent goal scorer. He takes almost four shots per game, and is fairly accurate, having put about half of his shots on frame, and scoring nearly half of those.

Speaking of shooting, Reds keeper Alex Bono might have PTSD by this point in the season because TFCII has given up almost twice as many shots as they’ve taken on the year, 71 to 46, though just 28 of those shots were on frame. Toronto, to their credit, is judicious with their shots, so it’ll be important to snuff out dangers early when they’re in possession rather than letting much play develop.

For Louisville City, I think we’ll see some more squad rotation given this packed schedule they’ve played for the past couple weeks. Scotty Goodwin will be back, so we can say adios to that Orlando City goalkeeper we had on loan for one game. I’m hoping for a Sean Reynolds/Tarek Morad centerback pairing, with Kyle Smith and either Son or Newnam on the left. Expect to see Paolo DelPiccolo starting again at defensive mid, though whom his partner will be is anyone’s guess. Up front, we can probably again expect McCabe and Dacres to start, but O’Connor’s apparently unsure about where to put McCabe (center or left?) and whether to play Lubahn or Kaye. The Hoff will play the #9, of course.

We can probably blame the lack of goals against Bethlehem on some lack of cohesion due to so many moving parts in the lineup. That’s okay, City managed to get a point out of the deal, even if it was a bit drab. Toronto, though, seems ripe for the taking, so let’s hope some of these chemistry issues can be resolved and Louisville gets back on the goal train.