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Match Preview: Orlando City B

Next up: the team that took our spot as Orlando City’s affiliate. Personally, I think it’s time to show Orlando their mistake in dropping their affiliation with LCFC (not that it has affected us at all, or provided any help in the form of players before). It’s hard to predict games this early in the season, as most teams are still working out kinks, but this is the best attempt based on my knowledge:


As we know, LCFC won a late thriller away at Charlotte Indpendence in the 94th minute, and lost a disappointing home opener 0-2 to NYRB2. But Orlando City B has had an even slower start. OCB lost 2-1 to Wilmington Hammerheads, then, a man down, held off Charleston Battery to a 0-0 draw.

What LCFC needs to beat OCB:

  1. Control the midfield and attack often. The defense for OCB is solid according to their coach, who praised their performance against Charleston.
  2. LCFC needs Kadeem Darces and Enrique Montano in the lineup. Dacres has to be a major presence on the wing. Montano needs to be the crosser on the wing and our midfield needs to work the ball up the field.

Attacking a strong defense is the only way to break it. So far OCB hasn’t been strong attacking from the stats with only 3 shots on target, one of which went in on the worst team in the league last season. Montano and Dacres did not play the last two games, but I believe O’ Connor has to work them into the lineup if he wants to win. Louisville City were the best offensive team in the USL last year and we should hope to keep that going with young talents like Hoffman and Lancaster. The City midfield has got to be better about stringing together passes or OCB will eat them alive.

What OCB needs to beat LCFC:

I’m a firm believer in who controls the midfield wins the game. OCB keys to the game:

  1. Keep Dacres( if he plays) off the ball, as he was a destroyer of one on one defense.
  2. Limit the defense’s moves up for crosses and force the midfield to make mistakes on the ball.
  3. Keep a rather lackluster attack going at the LCFC defense, as the defense for LCFC is solid but still seem to be getting used to each other’s style. 4.)
  4. Andrew Ribeiro has to have a solid game up front; if not, OCB could be in trouble no matter how good their defense may be.


2-1 LCFC

I think this game will be a defensive affair as both squads have solid defenses. If Dacres and Montano play I see no reason LCFC cannot find the net more than once. I expect LCFC to take the defeat to NYRB2 and learn from it. I think the team will get it together and pull out a win. I also believe O’ Connor will coach his way through this game and get the result LCFC fans want.