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Match Preview: Detroit City FC

Louisville City FC will take on the NPSL side Detroit City FC in the second round of the US Open Cup. This is the first game of our 2016 US Open Cup run. Personally, I was happy with our run last year, having beaten Lansing United in Michigan, Indy Eleven at IUPUI Stadium and then losing to Chicago Fire 1-0 after 2 overtimes in the 117th minute. On a personal note, that was my first LCFC game and first time meeting the Coopers; I feel in love with LCFC that’s why I remember the details. MLS clubs are theroetically much better than USL ones, so I was happy to watch us scare the Fire. Anyway, Detroit City Fc is up next for the Purple Army. Here are the Keys to the game:

Detroit City FC:

Obviously playing a team a league above them will be a hard task to complete. Detroit is coming off a 4-2 win over Dayton Dynamo in league play on Sunday, and a win in the first round of the Open Cup last Wednesday against the Michigan Bucks (USL PDL) that went to extra time and penalties without a goal from either side. Les Rouges have scored 10 goals in 4 games and conceded 5 on the season. Based on the numbers, their offense is pretty solid; their last game they scored all 4 goals in 12 minutes.

  • The first key for DCFC will be to bring that attacking prowess against LCFC’s defense. They score early, having scored most of their goals goals in the first half (7 of 10).
  • The second key is to play defense for 90 minutes. based on what I have seen their defense begins to crumble early in the second half.
  • The final key will be to play above themselves. It is rare for a NPSL team, let alone a NASL or USL team, to win the US Open Cup; it’s only been done once that I am aware of since MLS entered the competition. So if they want to win, Detroit will have to play a perfect game.

Louisville City FC:

Fortunately, the boys are here at home In Louisville. Anyway keys to the game are much the same as last game. Run the wings, attack early and often, and keep the pressure on. If LCFC want to take out a MLS team this year in the Cup it starts by sending a message here. This game sets the tone for the tournament going forward. If promotion and relegation was a real thing we could be competitive in MLS even with a small team. While Detroit city FC have a potent attack, I expect our defense can handle them.


3-0 to LCFC

Expect this game to be exciting and very entertaining. I expect LCFC to get the win I would like them to personally send a message to the MLS by destroying both Detroit and whoever we face from the NASL but who knows. Expect this to be a game an offensive one with a lot of the defense having to defend a lot of through balls, over the top balls and crosses on both sides of the pitch.

Purple Rain!!! ( Love me Some Prince)! LC…FC!!!