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Match Preview: at Charleston Battery

I am not going to sugarcoat this for you. If LCFC want to win the USL they need to beat Charelston and get 3 points. After a lackluster game with FCC, LCFC will look to defeat Charleston on the road. Charleston advanced to the 4th round of the Open Cup on a 1-0 victory over Jacksonville Armada. So let us dive into the keys to the game.
The first key is to continue to score goals. They having the most potent attack through 12 games with a 10 goal difference, which is the 3rd most in all of the USL and first in our conference. So they need to continue to do that.

Secondly their defense needs to be “Charleston Defense.”

The final key to the game for Charleston is to control the midfield. If they do this they will make LCFC look like they did against FCC which was awful. Those are the key for Charleston to get a result.
I’m going to keep this brief. First key is to find a striker that can sniff out a chance!

Secondly, get some darn midfielders that can control the pace of the game. We looked awful against FCC. It’s fortunate that FCC didn’t have a great attacking presence that game or we would have lost by more. The midfield was non existent. Don’t believe me? Go back and watch it. Every time Cincinnati pressed LCFC lost the ball in the midfield. We need to control the tempo of the game and have possession to get a win.

The next key is get some explosive players on the run. We have them, we just don’t hit them with the ball well enough.

The Final key is to lead someone with a damn pass! We had several opportunities to counter effectively. Our passing was not on the run, leading the player with a pass. More often than not we played it behind them or made them stop their moment to receive the ball. If we would have done this it would have made FCC job that much harder. It would have allowed our wingers to run into the back of the FCC defense and get solid crosses into the box for a scoring opportunity.
Prediction: 1-0 Charleston Battery
With LCFC struggling to find the scoring option, go figure after a 10-0 weekend before FCC, LCFC will try to get back on the right footing. However LCFC needs all 3 points to secure a closer race into the latter part of the season. Charleston to me is to tough this year and with LCFC struggling I see Charleston pulling out a win. I pray I am wrong (Most the time I am with overall score but not team who wins). Anyway this game will be won in possession. By that I mean who ever controls the tempo will prevail. LCFC need to control the tempo if they want a result. I think they can do it! COME ON YOU BOYS IN PURPLE!!! LOUISVILLE CITY HERE WE GO!!!