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Match Preview: Bethlehem Steel FC

This weekend we meet Bethlehem Steel FC. The Steel Union (their affiliation is with Philly Union) are 2 wins 2 losses and 1 tie on this season so far. Lets break down the keys to victory for both teams:

Keys for Steel FC:

The Steel are coming off a 0-0 tie to Charleston Battery, in what was a great defensive game from both sides. This game saw 14 total shots, however both goalies only amassed a total of 4 saves. The Steel defense has let in 7 goals while scoring 4 on the season. The key again will be take away the wings from LCFC. When the Hounds did it, LCFC did not look very comfortable working the ball up the field. This is crucial for a team to stop what is a very strong attacking team like Louisville.

Another key is to keep Chandler Hoffman and Kadeem Dacres off the ball. Dacres was not comfortable against Pittsburgh because he was man-marked for most of the game, which, from what I saw, kept him from attacking the side of the 18 or darting in the middle much like he wants. Hoffman just knows how to score, and needs to be shut down and not allowed to roam much at the top of the offensive line.

The last key is to get Eric Ayuk (Born in 1997!!!) involved. The kid has 5 shots so far, 2 goals and an assist, so the kid knows when to fire the cannon. If he is allowed to run at the LCFC defense (I’m going to be honest here), good luck. The only defense he hasn’t found a way around was NYRBII, who, as it turns out, are legit. Expect him to at least get opportunities at their home field.

Keys for Louisville City:

Only one key here: Play some damn defense! That’s what wins games! Seriously, the defense for LCFC has been shoddy (stole Taylor Sorrels words so thank you [Ed. Note: you’re welcome]). It has not at all in any of the games impressed me as a fan, player, and lover of good defenses. Montano, Reynolds, Newnam, and gang: play defense, fellows. I get we lost a rock in Brian Burke, but one player is not the solidity of a defense. It is a team effort. So far, it is as bad as spoiled eggs left in the hot desert sun. Yes, the offense has always responded but what happens when they aren’t clicking? You’re going to watch the other team celebrate a win because we can’t play defense.

I am getting very tired of watching Goodwin get mad. As a long time goalie myself, when your defense is not flowing well, it makes your job that much harder and makes you look awful. Goodwin is a great goalie and has given Louisville some shining moments of glory, but when the defense can’t fight their way out of a paper bag, you might as well forget about the goalie being that great.

Like I said in my last review, Louisville City’s keys are on defense, not offense, which has so far carried the team. We know championships are won by defense not offense. We don’t want to be know as the James Harden of the USL (Look up how he plays defense that is what I feel LCFC is doing right now). It is not always the defense’s fault. The first goal the Hounds scored should have been at least contested by a midfielder covering the weak side. Louisville’s only key is defense, their offense is flowing well and the team from midfield up seems to be well off it’s the last third of pitch I am worried about (defensive midfielders are included).


This game is hard for me to predict because of our key to victory. I think we go away to Steel FC and come back with a 2 1 loss. I do not see our defense doing amazing and would not be surpised if its 2 0 by halftime with Steel leading LCFC. But who knows, maybe LCFC will get their heads together and play a quality TEAM game where both sides of the ball play well. If that happens there is good chance LCFC comes out with a W. Prove me wrong, City, let’s continue that undefeated streak! Come On, City!!!