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March to the Match: Weirdo Sharks


Wilmington Hammerheads, 4-4-3, 15 points, 9th place Eastern Conference


Louisville City’s first league home game in decades.


Saturday, June 11, 2016, 7:30 PM EDT


Louisville Slugger Field, 401 E. Main St., Louisville, KY 40202


Ok. We know there’s a lot of soccer on TV today. The Euros kick off at 9 AM. There are some Copa America games. There’s one in particular that I’m guessing a sizeable chunk of you are interesting involving a certain team in red, white and blue not named Norway or France. Or Costa Rica. Or Panama. Or Japan, for some reason. It’s the United States Men’s National Team. They play at basically the same time. This could cause some angst, some conflict of interests, some scheduling difficulties for you. We understand; it’s kind of a crucial match, the outcome of which may determine whether the Yanks make the quarterfinals of the Copa America.

BUT. But.

You can see Louisville City live and in the flesh, while you’ll probably be watching the USMNT while listening to Alexi Lalas talk about how defend-and-counter is the new black again. Personally, I’ll take a live game over one on TV just about any time. But we understand the problem. SO, if you want to watch both games at the same time, which you should do because this is AMERICA, you can watch the live YouTube stream of the match here:


Taylor Hamblin wrote a good preview for the match on Thursday, so check it out if you haven’t already. Brief recap: Wilmington is better than they were last year, which isn’t going to be enough for them to win this game. City really needs to keep its eye on the prize here, and that’s the top of the Eastern Conference. New York Red Bulls II caught us in the standings on Thursday, so the two teams are dead even on points and goal difference. The Kings shouldn’t take the weirdo sharks lightly by any means, but they should try and score a bazillion goals and look good doing it. Yay!


I’m taking Louisville City 3-0. I’m way more interested in seeing who starts at left back with Newnam’s suspension.