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March to the Match: St. Louis FC


St. Louis FC, 8-11-9, 33 points, 13th place Western Conference


Louisville City’s 29th USL match


Saturday, September 17, 2016, 8:30 pm


World Wide Technology Soccer Park, 1 Soccer Park Road, Fenton, MO 63026


At all the usual places: Against the Grain, Great Flood, Saints (probably), Over the 9 (possibly), and anywhere else that has a good internet connection that runs to a TV. Louisville City is hosting their watch part at Tony BoomBozz in St. Matthews again, with the promise that it’ll be on way more TVs and food and drink specials. Most of us will probably be at Against the Grain. There is a baller contingent braving the wilds of southern Indiana on I-64 and going to the match in St. Louis Fenton.

BUT, if you can’t make it to any of those parties or to Fenton because you’re trapped in a remote cabin with Kathy Bates, you might still be able to sneak a peek at the game on YouTube here:


Oh, St. Louis. We used to hate you. Now we’re just sorry for you. You’re just a sad, sad little team hanging out with the woeful Tulsa Roughnecks at the bottom of the table. A team that fired its hometown hero manager Dale Schilly midseason and somehow didn’t get the benefit of the new manager bump. No one knows that new manager’s name, and I’m not going to look it up. A team that was mathematically eliminated from the playoffs before the calendar even flipped over to September. A team that has only picked up 19 points in 14 home matches, and haven’t won a home game in their last five tries.

Yes, St. Louis FC is in a sorry state, but they do have one bright spot in their team and that’s Irvin Hererra. The El Salvadorian has seemingly been the St. Lunatics’ one man show on offense. Hererra is presently fighting with Sean Okoli and Chandler Hoffman to get the Golden Boot award with 14 tallies on the season. James Musa, Mike Ambersley, and Sam Fink are all still on the team, and they’re swell guys. The team’s total shot ratios and shots on goal ratios are both under 50%, which is not very good even if those statistics aren’t super useful.

Other good things about this match includes the likelihood that there will be some scoring. Louisville City’s on a nice 3 match clean sheet streak. However, St. Louis has put 39 past the opposing keeper on the season. It’s keeping other teams out of their own net that has been the problem, one that we’d love to see City compound. Let’s also remember that Louisville City has never actually won a match in Fenton, so that’d be a nice duck to break. Let’s hope for a good game, no injuries, and a return of the Kings’ Cup to its rightful place, the trophy shelf at Against the Grain.