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March to the Match: Rochester Rhinoceri


Rochester Rhinos, 11-5-10, 43 points, 4th place Eastern Conference


Another midweek LouCity home match!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 7:30 p.m. Don’t feel obligated to watch that whole video, which is just an album cover, anyway.


Louisville Slugger Field, 401 E. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202


AT SLUGGER WITH US! Bring your kids! Their teachers will understand why they don’t have voices or the ability to pay attention tomorrow, because they’ll be at the game, too! And they might not even notice your bleary-eyed child sleeping at their desk! But if you can’t make it because you have to act like a dumb adult or something, you can still catch it here:


Radio: 790 WKJK



The Rampaging Rhinos of Rochester. The Flower City. And the Flour City. They’re both!

I am personally not a huge fan of having to face this eminently tricky team twice in about two weeks. Rochester, while slowly depleting thanks to a lack of investment by both their fans and owners since their championship run in 2015, is still a very difficult team to beat. You can tell because they’ve drawn ten (TEN) times this season, rather than concede a loss. That’s kind of impressive. Their coach, Bob Lilley, preaches defense and 1990s 4-4-2 bunker ball tactics that once resulted in the best season by a USL team maybe ever.

The Rhinos still are a very tough team to crack, and even though they’ve lost star striker Christian Volesky to Sad St. Louis, they can still hit you on the counter or with balls over the top of the defense, often with Wal Fall. I sincerely hope never to see Sean Reynolds past the bottom of the LouCity side of the center circle in this game, just to keep that under wraps. That said, Rochester’s only scored 30 goals in 26 games this season. They’ve conceded just two fewer than LouCity, 24. The Rhinos have committed nearly 100 more fouls this season than Team Purple, but have accumulated ten fewer yellow cards for their effort.

The Rhinos are a very well drilled and disciplined squad that doesn’t try to do too much. City has never beaten Rochester at Slugger. Let’s fix that tonight.