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March to the Match: Richmond Kickers

WHO: Richmond Kickers, 4-3-2, 14 points, 7th place Eastern Conference

WHAT: Yet another Louisville City USL road game

WHEN: Saturday, May 21, 2016, 7:00 p.m. EDT

WHERE: City Stadium, Richmond, Virginia

WATCH: With us at Saints at 131 Breckenridge Lane in St. Matthews! Not Against the Grain this time, as there’s a Bats game that starts at 6 and ends whenever. Saints is fun! They have a patio! The game will be on there! Bruce is a cool dude! Join us! But if you can’t make it because you’re doing something else that literally is a matter of life and death, you can still watch the YouTube stream here:

WHO, AGAIN? Richmond. This is our second trip to City Stadium. You’ll recall last year that this was the away game where Mike Callahan took Guy Abend’s knee and season away for about four months and wasn’t even carded for it. We pounded the crap out of them on July 4 and took one of their best players in George Davis IV, which sort of made up for it, but not entirely.

Taylor Hamblin’s preview post didn’t go up yesterday, but here it is now in its glory:

So the Purple Army travel to Richmond for an away game against your father’s 5 year old coached team. Someone in that organization needs to change the name because kickers is what you name a pee wee league team. Anyway let’s move on and take a look at Richmond: They have played 9 games having scored 10 goals and conceding 8 goals. So let’s dig deeper in our keys for the games.


Don’t let that goal difference fool you, this team is shooting, having shot 78 times with 38 on frame. That is not the best but it does tell you they are at least trying to score.  Based on the stats, Brian Ownby and Yudai Imura are their best players making up half of their goals scored and 60 percent of their assists. So look for them to be a huge presence on and off the ball. They both have a knack for finding space either passing or running into the space.

You would think this match would be a less physical game than normal from Richmond as they have no red cards, and only 10 yellow cards (LCFC has 13 yellows and 2 red cards).  However, we know that is not the case with this team. We often see a very physical game between these sides.

The key for the Kickers will be to continue the attacking prowess we see with 78 shots. The second key is going to be to shut down the LCFC midfield that has been solid so far this whole season, having controlled most the games I have seen or watched online. If they control the midfield, expect Richmond to control the game. The final key will obviously be getting the ball to Ownby and Imura who seem to be the main men on the team.


Having not lost since the home opener to NYRB2 on April 2nd, LCFC is playing well. I will say our defense has solidified. Our offense is extremely potent. So what are the keys for the game? First, keep the ball away from Ownby and Imura; as I said above, they are the team for Richmond. Second, get our attacking presence going early with Dacres attacking the wings, Hoffman attacking the 6 yard box, and our midfield controlling the pace of the game. The final key will be to have solid defense again like against St. Louis FC. We should expect a physical game so expect plenty of fouls and several cards.


Richmond 0-1 LCFC

I still have yet to see a team that looks strong enough to beat LCFC this season yet (minus the loss to NYRB2). We should not go into this game thinking it is an easy W because Richmond has always been a competitive side. I think LCFC will get a goal and hold off the Richmond attack, but only time will tell.

Here is to 8 game undefeated streak! Purple Army Roll Out! (Transformer Reference for the children and children at heart).

Thanks, Taylor!

We’ll forgo the stats and predictions stuff today because it seems repetitive and I get tired of digging for stuff that might be fun to read. WOAH WAIT, JUST FOUND A FUN ONE: Richmond has scored not one, but TWO own goals so far this season. That’s fantastic.

Anyway, come to Saints tomorrow, and come early because parking es no bueno around there. See you then!