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March to the Match: at Ottawa Fury


Ottawa Fury, 7-9-11, 32 points, 12th place Eastern Conference


The first of LouCity’s three-game road trip to the Great White North.

Speaking of Great White!

What a gloriously awful 80s hair band they are/were.


Sunday, September 24, 2017, 2:00 p.m., which should fit right in with your Sunday Funday activities.


TD Place Stadium, which I assume is somewhere in Canada.


There’s probably a club-sponsored watch party, but IDK where it is.


Radio: 840 WHAS

Stream: YouTube


Ottawa aren’t very good. They fired their head coach Paul Dalglish several weeks ago, and the anticipated “new manager bump” turned out to be more of a very, very deep pothole. They haven’t won a game since, is what I’m saying.

The Furries don’t score much, and let others score too often. They do not pass the ball very much, or very well in the opponent’s half of the field. “Sixty percent of the time, it works every time” is a bad track record for both musk and soccer passing, but that’s what Ottawa’s doing right now. From now on, their offense will be called Sex Panther, which I like a lot better than the anthropomorphic flame that dances around their stadium.

TFW you’re squatting next to the physical manifestation of hell:

Guys for Sean Reynolds to physically manhandle include Duba Dos Santos and that’s kind of it. The Fury do like to try and send long balls over the top and crosses in from the wings, so it’ll be important to take that part of their game away when they manage to get the ball. Other than that, City’s job will be to try and clean up their midfield passing game and reanimate the offense after a less-than-stellar performance against a rather stuck-in Rochester team on Wednesday night.

Go get three points, and COME ON, CITY