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March to the Match: Orlando City B


Orlando City B, 4-5-2, 14 points, 9th place Eastern Conference


The umpteenth Louisville City away game in the USL.


Sunday, June 5, 2016, 7:30 p.m. EDT


Titan Soccer Complex, East Florida State College, Melbourne, Florida. Dad’s New Family was one of the smart teams that learned (or bothered to learn) from New York/Montreal/Toronto/LA that if you want any kind of home atmosphere or independent fan base for your second team, you have to move it out of the MLS team’s stadium. Thus the birth of East Coast OCB’s own supporter group, the Harbor City Hooligans. So OCB actually has some home support, unlike the Red Bulls and their Empty Seat Ultras.


At Saints! Or at Against the Grain! Word has it Great Flood Brewing is having a watch party, too! Or you can an introvert on a budget and watch it on your desktop here:


Taylor Hamblin’s back and wrote a solid preview on Friday; check it out. This game marks OCB’s sixth straight at home, and they’ve only lost once in that stretch including a dub over Rochester last week. That seems to mean that the Little Lions are starting to figure things out, as is the case with most “2” teams in this league at this point in the season. This is a team that tends to be horrifically out-shot but manages to make their shots count, as nearly half are on target. These guys probably aren’t the pushovers they were early in the season.


Orlando’s goalkeepers/defense aren’t good. Their USL goals-against average is 1.55. Greg Ranjitsingh’s GAA in the USL since he put on the gloves? Your freshman year’s GPA: 0.00.


Don’t bet it this week. Orlando’s an improving team with talented players, and Louisville might have some kinks (especially with regard to finishing chances) to work out after the mid-week loss to Indy. Or that was just a USOC blip and the machine is running fine. Either way, I’ll be okay with a point from this match, so 1-1 it is.