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March to the Match: Orlando City B


Orlando City B, 6-6-7, 25 points, 8th place USL Eastern Conference


A return to the friendly confines of Slugger Field and a chance to get well after that last disappointing game. We shan’t speak of it again.


Saturday! 7:30 PM! Eastern Daylight Time!


Louisville Slugger Field, 401 E. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202


If you hadn’t planned on going to this game, change your plans. Change your mom’s plans, your friends’ plans, your significant other’s plans, and get to this game. The weather will probably be nice! The beer will definitely be cold! JO’C said you need to come to the game, and no one wants to get on that guy’s bad side.

All that said, we’re realists. Things happen. You might be on your way to the game in your big rig but then get it stuck under the bridge at 3rd and Winkler.

If that happened to you, well, you should know better. But in any event, if you’re sitting on the side of the road, too embarrassed to talk to anyone but the police and your safety director, you can still watch the game live on YouTube right here:


This is the third and last time Louisville City plays Dad’s New Family, Orlando City B. This seems like one of those USL-generated “contrivalries,” to borrow a word from Jay Kirkman, that didn’t exactly take off. That could be because a) OCB turns out to not be very good, b) SURPRISE! a “Two” team doesn’t have any passionate fans to talk shit with, and/or c) Louisville City’s scored eight (EIGHT!) goals on these guys this season. I guess c) has a little more to do with a) but whatever.

OCB’s on a little undefeated run of seven games unbeaten, however. They haven’t lost since the Kings went down to Melbourne, Florida and beat the B team 4-3 in what you might recall was a pretty contentious game. Five of Orlando City B’s seven undefeated matches, though, are draws. Good for them, I guess?

This game represents a good chance for Louisville City to get things back on track. Nearly nothing went right for City against Cincinnati last weekend other than some bright spots from MAG RAM here and there. This game will be a good opportunity for the defense to regain some confidence. The offense will have some work to do against an improving Orlando City defense as well. Three points are there for the taking. If City wants to remain atop the conference standings, they’ll have to take all three.


Louisville City’s and Orlando City B’s shots on goal stats are practically inverted. Louisville’s taken 101 shots on goal this season while only giving up 63. That’s pretty good! OCB’s taken 64 and given up 101. That’s not pretty good!


Orlando’s improving. They’ve faced Charleston twice and Rochester once at home in their recent streak. This will not be an easy win.

But it’ll still be a win. 3-1 to Louisville City. LET’S GET THAT COMMISSIONER’S CUP.