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March to the Match: New York Red Bulls II


New York Red Bulls II, which is way too many words. 7-10-3, 24 points, 8th place Eastern Conference.


A LouCity USL home match!


Saturday, July 29, 2017, 7:30 p.m.


Louisville Slugger Field, 401 E. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202


Because the schedule monkeys down in Tampa said so


Well, see, what will happen is eleven guys from our team will get on the field and eleven guys from the other team will also get on the field and they’ll kick a ball around for a bit until the man or woman in the yellow shirt blows the whistle a few times in a row.


At Slugger Field! It’ll be fun! It always is! They have beer and preztels and nachos and hot dogs and snow cones and beer! How could that possibly be a bad time?!? Plus, there’s a soccer game between your favorite guys in purple against the USL Champions! And, if our team wins, they’ll be just one point out of first place! That’s a big deal! It’ll be intense! EXCLAMATION POINTSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!ONE!!!!!1!

But if you can’t make it down to the game because your significant other’s father scheduled his belated birthday dinner in Lexington at literally the exact same time as kickoff and has little sympathy for you because he privately thinks soccer is communist, you can sneak away to the bathroom and watch it on YouTube right here. WMYO-58 is also carrying the match again (DVR it regardless of whether you’re going to the game) and 840 WHAS has the radio call.


Los Toros Rojos y Pequeños. The New York/New Jersey Suburban Nebulas. The Montclair Calves.

This is not the same Baby Bulls team we’re used to. They drop games to bad teams. They lost to Harrisburg before it was cool, and then did it again. They struggle to beat bad teams. They give up a lot of goals, and don’t score quite as many. They’ve won just once on the road all season, Yet somehow, in this year’s Eastern Conference, they’ve managed to float juuuuust north of the red line despite losing more games than anyone not named Richmond or Toronto II.

All that said, this is still one of the most individually talented teams in the league. They can exploit 1v1 situations, which is why LouCity’s entire game plan last time out was to prevent those sorts of situations from even arising. Leading scorer Brandon Allen may be gone, but Vincent Bezecourt, Junior Flemmings, and Zeiko Lewis are still right there. Bezecourt has created 45 scoring chances on his own, which is nuts. Bryan Ownby and Oscar, LouCity’s leading chance creators, have created 54 chances combined. Point is, New York is still very, very dangerous.

As with most MLS B squads, we don’t really know whom John Wolyniec is going to put on the field Saturday night, but we do know that they still like to generally play with four at the back, with two defensive mids and everyone else attacking. City bottled that up pretty well playing what often looked like a 5-2-3 up in Montclair a few weeks ago. We’ll see if New York has adapted or not on Saturday, and how that chess match plays out.