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March to the Match: Detroit City FC

WHO: Detroit City FC, Great Lakes West Division, National Premier Soccer League

WHAT: A second round US Open Cup match, Louisville City’s first of 2016

WHEN: Wednesday, May 19, 2016, 7:00 P.M.

WHERE: Owsley Brown Frazier Field at Bellarmine University, 2001 Newburg Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40205. Assuming you’re going to the game, and you are, parking will be tricky but there’s a lot across Newburg from the stadium that is apparently going to let us park there, so try and do that AFTER 5:15.

WATCH: At Bellarmine! With us! There are apparently still tickets left! And if you actually do want to watch the game, tickets are the only way to go. Louisville City isn’t putting its own stream or broadcast together, which is a damn shame, really. A few Coopers talked about clandestinely or not-so-clandestinely broadcasting the game, but the logistics are difficult and the club shushed us on it so the only way to know what’s really going on is to show up. DO THAT.

WHO, AGAIN? Taylor’s match preview is here, so check that out. Detroit City is famous in US soccer circles mostly for their support, which is rabid and legendary. And maybe armed, but probably not. They’ve already managed to infiltrate Louisville with a chapter of the Northern Guard Supporters, membership of at least one.

The team, however, is another matter. DCFC isn’t bad by any means, and they’ve been putting their own division in the NPSL to the sword to some effect. That said, Louisville City will be the first professional team Les Rouges have ever played. I expect it to look that way on the scoreboard once the game’s over.

STATISTICAL COMPARISONS OF DUBIOUS VALIDITY: As bad as the USL is at keeping stats that are reasonably useful and easy to navigate, the NPSL is worse. So in other words, no.

MORTGAGE-PAYMENT-LEVEL PREDICTIONS: This is a win for Louisville City. DCFC will come ready for a fight, and so will their players. A good result for the Kings in this game is a win with zero injuries on the field and in the stands. Let’s do that.