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Louisville City’s Having a Preseason

That picture is it. It’s the preseason. There aren’t any dates on it, but the club press release says our Purples will play SIU Edwardsville on March 5 at the City training field, then we’ll visit UofL on March 10, Kentucky on March 16, and then a neutral site match against Indy Eleven on the 19th of March. Elsie beat all those guys except Edwardsville last preseason, which was pretty nice.

That said, preseason is a coaching diagnostic and not something to get super jazzed about. Unless, of course, you’re a STLFC supporter who somehow thinks that the preseason loss to SIUE was a kind of transitive property victory for St. Louis, which LOL. There are people who think like that!

The final three games are probably open to the public, and you should go to them so you can practice all of the Coopers’ new songs. The first one, though, against Edwardsville, is closed for some reason. Closed is more of a state of mind than fact, isn’t it? Does that mean I’m suggesting you try to camo up and watch the game from I-71 or the woods outside Thurman-Hutchins Park? Well, I’m not NOT saying you should do that. The club will keep us up to date via Twitter, while some vagrant/superfan might provide us with a Periscope feed from the emergency lane on a federal roadway. I’m literally giddy thinking about this.