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Louisville City to hold open tryouts

Just perusing the ebays today and noticed that Louisville City FC has recently announced via their website that the club intends to hold open tryouts on November 22 and 23 in advance of the 2015 season.

“Open tryouts?”, you might have asked yourself. Yes. Open tryouts. Believe it or not, this is a fairly common practice in lower-division US Soccer, and frankly, MLS teams sometimes scout these events just in case they might have missed a player in their own combines, etc. As we still really have no idea how many players LCFC will get from Orlando’s USL Pro castaways, this is a great opportunity for local talent (and out of town talent, I suppose) to show the club their stuff and try to make a pro roster.

Tryouts run from 9-11 both days, and since I don’t see anything on the LCFC website saying they’re closed to the public, feel free to go watch some dudes try out in the cold while you drink beer from a paper bag and harass them as warranted. Wait, don’t do that, that’s mean. The harassing part, anyway.

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  1. Franklin santos

    I have been trying for the last two months on trying to contact Coach O’Conners to speak with him and get more information about how to try out for the proffesinal roster. I’m from Honduras and I play currently for the futbol club (Connectors FC) with the coach Ken muchang. He has been my coach for the last two years teaching me the total futbol system. I have always wanting to become a pro soccer player and I’m working so hard to make it there. I’ll do anything to make it there. My contact information is 270)590-4602 I live in Glasgow Ky only 2-1/2 hours away. Please if someone know how I can get ahold of coach O’conner please let me know soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    franklin Santos