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Kinda diggin’ that training top.

by Taylor Sorrels (@taylorsorrels)

We’ve speculated on this before and been wrong, but one thing we Americans know is that if you make a mistake, it’s totally okay to make that same mistake again and learn nothing from the previous mistake. Anyway, back in March, we used ever-reliable Twitter as a source to tell you that Orlando City SC draftee Sidney Rivera was heading to the Derby City on loan. That was sort of true and sort of not. Yes, he came to Louisville, but no, he did not practice or play with Louisville City thanks in most part to a nagging groin injury. That injury ultimately led to him heading back to Orlando for some rehab work (what, Baptist Sports Medicine wasn’t good enough *winky face*) for about six weeks.

But now, he’s back! We think! Jeff Milby, a writer for Orlando City blog The Mane Land, said in his weekly LCFC update (read him, he’s good), that Rivera is headed back to Louisville and should join the team this week in training, if he hasn’t already. Rivera’s story is actually pretty interesting, and it seems like he has a great attitude about his role with our club. I don’t particularly expect him to start next Tuesday, but I have a job and stuff and can’t go watch these kids in training every day, so my opinion is essentially worthless. We’ll just have to see! Welcome back, Sidney!