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Last Week This Morning: THANKSGIVING

Thanksgiving is coming on Thursday, and in light of the lack of USL-related news and the spirit of a time of year that belies our early national interest in wiping America’s native inhabitants from the map, let’s talk about what we’re thankful for this offseason:

Matt Fondy!

With hair like that, he doesn’t need to be wearing a hat.


FC Cincinnati’s Inspector Clouseau marketing department!

Don Garbage Garber!

Ok, how about some things we’re really thankful for. We’re thankful we have professional soccer in Louisville. We’re thankful that the team blew past expectations on the field, and have worked to become good citizens off the field (keep that part going, thanks). We’re thankful that so many fans have dived right in to the culture around the team and made it a unique environment. We’re thankful to have made the playoffs, we’re thankful that we had so many good and gracious players to cheer for, and we’re thankful that we get to do it all again in a few short months.

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