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Last Week This Morning: Repeat

Louisville City managed to avoid a repeat of the 1-1 draw they suffered against Pittsburgh the last time they made the trip across the wastelands of southern Ohio to the Steel City, but some other USL teams weren’t so lucky this week. It was more of the same from Arizona United, Wilmington, and Rochester as their losing or not-losing streaks continued apace, and not a lot really happened in the Eastern Conference standings. So I guess those teams are like Louisville, just the opposite, except for Rochester.

This analogy was not very good. Sorry. Console yourself with the fact that Bass Pro Shops owns the world’s sixth largest pyramid.

  • Toward the middle/bottom, though, St. Louis gave us all a great laugh when they lost 5-2 to FC Montreal mid-week, but they finally managed to acquit themselves in Toronto on Saturday with a 0-1 victory in front of at least a hundred non-staff people.
  • I alluded to this last week but didn’t actually talk about it in the article. Preki, former USMNT’er and sometime MLS coach, abruptly left his post at Sacramento Republic last week. There was some brief speculation that he would be named manager at Leicester City in the English Premier League, which was hilarious and wrong. Anyway, now he’s out of a job, and the door hit him in the ass on the way out in a 4-0 loss to Los Dos in his last match.
  • It’s been rumored for a while now that the Harrisburg City Islanders might actually move off of the City Island in Harrisburg (to Nashville, some reports said), which I have to hope would also precipitate a name change. Apparently Skyline Stadium is in dire need of some renovations which the club probably can’t afford and the City of Harrisburg doesn’t really want to pay for, even though they own the property. Thus, HCI is now looking to play a couple games in nearby Lancaster, PA at (gasp!) a pretty nice baseball stadium (shudder). THE SHAME.