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Last Week This Morning: Rancor!

It was another busy week in the USL, even if the match scores were predictable. Oklahoma City Energy’s supporters group isn’t getting along with the front office, Saint Louis fans are getting fed up with their team, and Sacramento’s head coach left the Republic for Not Leicester City. Here we go:

Before we talk about the other scandals rocking the league, let’s talk about Louisville City real quick. Fans of Team Purple were admonished in an article at Total MLS last week for barracking for promotion, as it were, to MLS. We were even told to settle for being like Richmond. First, gross. Second, no one should tell us, or any other fan base, not to dream big. MLS is a long term goal, one that requires much more investment, both in finances and physical capital, than Louisville City presently has, but those things are not wholly out of reach. Note that MLS changes its tune on expansion fairly frequently, and Don Garber has never put a cap on the number of franchises. There have been mentions about holding at twenty four teams, but those spots aren’t all filled, and no one would be surprised if that arbitrary lid comes off. If a team comes to MLS HQ with a stadium, a proven market, and a check for the franchise fee, MLS will always be hard-pressed to ignore it. That’s why Miami and Minnesota’s bids are on less than firm ground – neither has a stadium ready to go. That’s why Sacramento is getting as much cash into its coffers as it can, so they can build something bigger than Bonney Field. Get the stadium puzzle piece figured out and the rest is up for negotiation. The exception to this rule is NYCFC, but when City Financial Group and their billions want in a door, they get in a door. Finally, it’s more important for Louisville City to focus on being a very good USL team. So far they’ve done that. The Commissioner’s Cup is probably out of reach at this point, but anything can happen in the playoffs. The product on the field is competitive and fun to watch, and the atmosphere at games beats just about anything else you’ll find in sports in this city. So while it’s great to dream about MLS, let’s enjoy what we’ve got and where we’re going this season. Keep coming to games, keep singing and chanting, keep bringing your friends, and keep being you. The rest will work itself out.

Back to things I we can poke fun at: The Grid. Ostensibly Oklahoma City Energy’s largest supporters group, these dudes got upset over some possible mixed messaging from their front office regarding vulgar language in their chants and songs, and as a result decided to be quiet for the entirety of their most recent match against Orange County, a 2-2 draw. Silence is often the most sincere form of assent, so I’m unclear as to whether the Grid’s non-message was received quiet and clear by the Energy F.O.

In protest news that makes a bit more sense, the Louligans’ patience is starting to wear thin with their team and its results of late, most recently dropping a 1-3 decision at home to Richmond, who are the worst. Frankly, we’re surprised they waited until midway through the season to express their disgust; we Coopers knew from day one that St. Louis was crap.

PROTESTS TO COME! Houston Dynamo is expected to announce its very own USL team out of Rio Grande Valley on Wednesday in a press conference. Can’t wait to see how many fewer fans show up for their USL games than their already paltry support for their MLS team!

Hey, how about some games? Notable results: Real Monarchs finally stopped losing and beat Austin Aztex 3-1. FC Montreal put four goals on Pittsburgh, our next opponent, for their second win of the season. Games to watch this week: FC Montreal vs. St. Louis FC in Canada, just to see what happens; Los Dos vs. OC Blues.