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Last Week This Morning: October 19

Well, folks, that’s the season. The Rochester Rhinos are your 2015 USL winners of both the league and the Championship. Rhinos substitute forward Asani Samuels headed in two set piece goals in the rain and cold in Rochester, one to equalize in regular time and once again in extra time to give Rochester its fifth championship. It was a nearly flawless season for the Rhinos, and they deserve it, I said through gritted teeth.

In fairness, it was a good game considering the conditions. Los Dos weren’t in any way intimidated by the way Rochester played, and got the first goal in the second half before conceding the two set pieces. Rochester’s physicality and frantic tackling eventually won the day. While they didn’t trouble the Galaxy II keeper much (aside from knocking Diop out of the game with a concussion before they scored twice) from open play, the Rhinos did a good job mucking up play in the midfield, keeping LA from having many chances of their own.

And so that’s it. The first Louisville City USL season is finally in the books. The verdict is still out on players coming and going league-wide, and news is scarce as it relates to coaching changes.

BUT! We do know a few things that we haven’t really touched on before.

  1. Orlando City is entering a team in USL for 2016, the worst-kept secret in the league (we’re still waiting for Sporting KC’s imminent announcement). OCB, which we thought was already taken by Orange County Blues but I guess not, will play at Eastern Florida State College, which has a grass field and stands for about 1,500, which sounds about right for an MLS2 team but apparently actions are being taken to expand capacity to 5,000 to meet Division 2 requirements for US Soccer. Nevermind the other part where there’s a preference for stadia that are wholly owned by the club, I guess. Orlando City B will be led by former player and son of West Brom manager Tony, Anthony Pulis. This could be fun.
  2. FC Cincinnati brought to you by Great American Insurance TM revealed their home and away kits last week, which look exactly like the USMNT bomb-pop jerseys but with orange instead of red. Their twitterati are also exceptionally easy to goad, so keep that in mind when you’re bored at work this week.
  3. Charlotte Independence teamed up with something called Charlotte Agenda, which kind of sounds like a poor-man’s Tinder for Charlottans only. These are real quotes from Charlotte Agenda:

“We freaking love soccer and the Charlotte Independence is important to our city,” Charlotte Agenda Publisher Ted [Ed.: “Not THE Ted Williams”] Williams said. “We’re excited to support their movement.”

“Much like Independence season ticket holders and fans, the Agenda’s audience is young, smart and social,” Charlotte Independence Chief Revenue Officer Wade Leaphart said. “Being very active in the social space, this is a mutually beneficial opportunity to have some fun, promote local and expand reach. Basically, it’s awesome. Two forces combining for a lot of awesome.”

“A lot of awesome.” Oh man.

Enjoy your week.