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Last Week This Morning: October 12

More like Last Week This Late Afternoon but whatever.

You know what happened in Louisville City’s Eastern Conference Semifinal on Saturday night, no matter how hard you or I drank to try to forget it. There was another conference semi this weekend, though, the Western matchup of Oklahoma City Energy and Los Dos.

I’ll be honest, I was too sad about soccer to watch the game, but I caught up with it a bit on Twitter and guess what, LA won. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will incite you with this:

The 2015 USL Championship game is a nightmare scenario for the USL.

Barely anyone was at Sahlen’s Stadium for the Louisville City game, no matter what the USL’s attendance figure says. There’s no way more than 2,000 people there, unless ticket-bearing spirits rose from underneath the abandoned graveyard that the Rhinos play on and managed to turn the stiles at the gates. On the other side, how many fans do you think Los Dos are bringing from sunny southern California to northwestern New York state to see the championship game? Fans of the real Galaxy wouldn’t travel to New York City for an MLS Cup final, so my guess is less than ten.

Then there are the YouTube numbers. The Eastern Conference final has over 7,500 views; surprisingly, the Western final has almost as many. Dammit, that partially defeats my point.

That said, I don’t think many people aside from the players are excited about this matchup. If LA Galaxy II wins a USL final in a mostly-empty stadium and none of their own fans actually watch it, did it really happen? More to the point, will anyone care?

This is all sour grapes, of course. I’m bitter that City isn’t hosting the game, bitter that they lost. Los Dos deserve to play in the game, just like Rochester does. It’s just too bad for the league that it’s going to be such a low-profile event. I’m hoping it’s interesting, and I hope you watch it. Absorb the pain of not being there, or appreciate the fact that at least you don’t support the Rhinos.